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When should you book your photo booth company?

How soon should you begin searching for a photo booth for your wedding?  Many people are aware that photo booths have become a popular addition to weddings.  What is not as widely known is how much the industry has changed in the past few years.  In most mid to large sized cities, you can find a large variety of booth styles and options such as professional quality photos, web downloads, custom logos, backdrop choices, guestbooks, larger quantity and quality of props, and full-time attendants.  Starting your photo booth selection process early can help ensure that your favorite photo booth company is available.  It is also beneficial for you and your planners to know the booth’s space requirements early in the process.  We have worked with many couples that book their photo booth before deciding on a venue, and use a good booth location as one criteria for their search.  Whatever stage of planning you are in, here are some ideas for choosing the best location for your booth.

1.  Determine all the photo booth’s space requirements including floor space and height.
2.  Make sure there is room for guests to line up without interfering with traffic patterns.
3.  Locate the booth far enough away from music so guests can socialize while waiting in line.
4.  Don’t forget power supply, room lighting, tables and linens for props, and whether a guest book table is needed.

Happy wedding planning!